Where To Find Gold In Electronics

Where to find gold in electronics equipment. Several concatenation of electronic equipment in we are homes, there was indeed a gold content. If you have a mobile phone or handphone which is not used, Computer equipment, Phone cards, some of the electrical panel, phone panel, that are not used indeed contain pure gold. Gold and silver other than as a jewelry or gold coins, is an excellent conductor materials in electronic equipment. Gold is often used to coat particular parts from electronic components such as processor, finger, connectors, relays, etc.

Where to find scrap gold in electronics. Some examples from electronic waste which has a gold content contained in computer electronic equipment and mobile phones that contain a layer of gold. Such as in computer PCB ( printed circuit board ) Socket on the computer, IC,  Handphone PCB , Processor, Ram, Motherboard, Hard disk, chip card, memory and many other components which contains gold, such as the electrical panel, telecommunications equipment and some other electronic devices. Below are examples of electronic goods which contains gold, and you can find gold in this electronic.


To find gold in electronics on the motherboard you can see the yellow layer in pcb circuit board that connects to the cable socket. Pin plug on the cable being used also has a gold coating. This pin in the form of needle-like yellow gold, the function of gold in the electronic layer to prevent corrosion and conductor that is needed in these devices. To find gold in electronic waste from the motherboard, can also be found on the IC that colored black and long box-shaped.  A layer of gold content  there are in innermost at part this device. To process them, you can pound until destroyed part of this IC.

The Processor On Electronic Devices.

To find gold in the processor is very easy, the processor which is the brain of the computer, which is located beneath the fan and embedded on the motherboard of the computer. in the absence of processor,  your computer will not be able to work.  Gold coating on this equipment in the form of a small needle attached to the bottom that serves as the foot, Gold also coated on the top of the processor, and for a processor made of ceramic, You can to break this processor to find gold  because in the inside ceramics there are also gold-coated groove. Gold on the processor contains very much when compared with the electronic device on another computer.

Memory Ram

Gold on the memory RAM contained in the pcb board which is shaped like a comb, visible gold layer colored yellow and is located on the pcb board, gold layer functions in this section as an introduction to the other electronic devices. Gold on the Ram is also located on the IC, which attached and shaped black box. Gold content can be found on the inside of this box, and to find gold on the inside, you can pound or grind to until destroyed in this section

Gold In Handphone Or Mobile

To find gold on electronics at handphone or mobile devices is also easy, Gold in the handphone is located on the groove PCB layer handphone. In the small IC contained in the phone also has a gold content of the lot, and to find gold in this section, previously you can destroy the outer advance, because gold be on the inside IC. For mobile phones with old spending which has the antenna, has a gold content of most widely. With about 6 phone you can get around almost 1 gram of pure gold, Because expenditure handphone which is old, gold coating is also widely used in the phone bolt

Phone Card.

Gold can also be found in the phone card, because gold coating is needed for this equipment, its function as a conductor and a signal amplifier on the part of telecommunications equipment. If you want to get gold or to find gold in the phone card, you need a lot of cards. You can try to process about 1 kg of a second-hand mobile phone card that are not used so that you can get a sim card gold content is higher.

In the telecommunications equipment, gold is often used as a signal amplifier, because gold is signal device the most well. Other electronic waste, which has a gold content also found in electrical devices, which is used as a conductor and barrier corrosion. The above example is some electronic waste equipment that contains gold plating, but there are many more parts from other electronic equipment waste having a content of pure gold.

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