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Where To Find Gold In Arkansas

Looking for gold and gold hunting in Arkansas is an activity that is very interesting, although gold which is obtained in the activities of searching for gold relatively few. Then where to find gold in Arkansas. Starting from the history of gold discovery in Arkansas were said to have occurred approximately in 1540, which were first discovered by Spanish explorers. Prospector found gold in Arkansas in relatively limited quantities, so that at that time the interest of gold prospector and the gold rush in Arkansas unlike the gold rush in Georgia or the gold rush in California.

Arkansas natural wealth in the gold mining industry it is not like in other areas of the states of the USA. Although gold in Arkansas not so abundant, but gold grains can still be found in Arkansas. To find gold in Arkansas necessary a searches that can be done on the spot which has a history of gold discovery in the past. The last few years the prospector exploring the region around the river flow in the Ouachita Mountains, which is a mountain that stretches from Little Rock to Oklahoma region,  be declared that gold was discovered originated here, but the discovery of gold amount relatively limited.

Where to find gold in Arkansas

Little Missouri river flow

Gold prospecting in Arkansas most important occur in the Ouachita Mountains area, or what is also called the "Silver Belt". Over the decades around the year 1800 and about 1830 small scale gold mining ever occur in here. This region extends from Little Rock in Pulaski County to Oklahoma. Gold is often found in rocks manganese or quartz veins in igneous rocks. The gold prospector has been exploring this area in recent years. Searches carried out on the river that flows in the river Cossatot and Little Missouri river flow at the Ouachita Mountains region. In this area the gold is found in limited quantities.

In the Saline County there are also gold content although in small quantities. At Bear City district west region of Hot Springs, also has a gold prospecting, although gold is only a little because this area previous constitute the mining of silver and gold as a byproduct. Gold can be found associated with a quartz mineral-rich, and in the form of flakes of gold.

Mount Fourche northern part of the Ouachita Mountains said to have occurred  gold strike, Some other claims in the area has produced gold ore, but not on a large scale for gold mining profitable. In the regions close to State Highway 8 east of Mena in Het Valley Road gold and silver in the mine, where here is believed to be a quarry Spaniards in the past.

At Cherry Hill adjacent to the Community Egger and is located in the east of the Mena region, Helen Gould Mine has a few notes about the operation of gold produced. Some places in Camp Wilder which is a mining camp Mena and which is located in Little Brushy Creek also can trace to find gold. At Sevier County in southwestern Arkansas, there are Bellah mines that produce copper ore and which contains a number of gold and silver. In the area of Carter Creek, a potential gold mine has been done on a small scale.

US Geological Survey (USGS) recorded the location of gold in Arkansas are on Julius Hess and Kellogg mines located in Pulaski County, Otto mine in Sevier County and the Old Spanish Diggings in Garland County

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