Where To Find Alluvial Gold ( Video )

Deposits of alluvial gold is a transition stage between a residual placer with stream placer in somewhere, and where to find alluvial gold. Alluvial gold can be found on the surface or bottom along the river or ditch. The process of alluvial gold as a result of a natural process that is formed from the rainfall process that occurred from time to time and the concentration of placer gold deposits. With the help of water that makes the rock in surrounding happen the process of weathering and corrosion, then releasing the flakes of gold and gold dust. From this process, the gold will be carried away by the water leading to the lower area, such as in the flow of the river or ditch.

Where To Find Alluvial Gold

To find alluvial gold , the best location can be found in the trenches and streams ( rivers ) in along the side of a mountain or hill and could also around the river are located at around the mining area. Looking for alluvial gold can be done with the excavation of sand and gravel on the banks of waterways, and in alluvial gold mining the methods used by means of gold mineral separation of mineral impurities such as sand, gravel and soil through gravity separation method. The simplest way to find alluvial gold by way of gold panning, the sluice box, and Highbanker Sluice Box.

Potential alluvial gold is often found on the inside of the bend of the river flow, because gold is often settled and stuck there. For in the middle of the stream that has a flow fast enough, gold potential is not enable. Gold search can be started through the river bottom, then walk up to the upper part of the river flow. In general, a kind of alluvial gold is a gold potential is most frequently found and the easiest way to find gold alluvial are with way panning that can be done individually

Alluvial gold deposits from placer deposits are scattered everywhere, ranging from the American continent, Australia, Asia, Africa and some other European regions. But the alluvial gold deposits of the most famous in the territory of the United States and in the territory of Australia. In both countries has a rich history of the discovery of alluvial gold and the gold rush in the past.

Australian gold rushes occurred around 1851 near Bathurst in New South Wales and then in the Victoria area. Some gold discovery in the region of Australia are in some areas such as In Victoria discovery of gold there is in the area of Ballarat, Beechworth, Bendigo. In the region of New South Wales the gold discovery located in the area of Bathurst, Gulgong, Hill End. Gold discovery in Queensland region located in Canoona, Charters Towers, Gympie. The discovery of gold in the region of Western Australia located in Coolgardie, Halls Creek, and Kalgoorlie. And some other areas in the region of Australia.

The discovery of gold in the United States around 1782 documented in the region of Virginia, from gold discovery Virginia then evolve in some other states in the United States. Around in 1848 California gold rush going on with producing large scale. In America placer mining well-known in the context of some gold, especially the discovery of gold in California, the discovery of gold in Colorado, the discovery of gold in Alaska, gold discovery in Alabama, and some the discovery of gold in Georgia, gold in Arizona, gold in San Francisco, gold in Idaho, gold in Nevada, gold in New Mexico, gold in Carolina, gold in Oregon, Gold in Illinois, and many gold discoveries and the gold rush in the state of the United States

How To Find Alluvial Gold

To find the type of Alluvial gold there are several ways which used, start a simple way until use the aid of machine equipment. It's a few ways to find gold alluvial around the river.

1. Gold Panning

Gold panning way is the simplest way to discover the types of alluvial gold. In addition to simple, gold panning with using pan to find alluvial gold is the most inexpensive. Process of gold mining or  search of gold by means of panning, No need the cost is so expensive, which it takes just a pan equipment that made of plastic,  metal, and wood, which will be used to search for gold. To perform gold panning methods used are also simple, because this process just use a gravity system to get the gold.

The way to gold panning by using pan, Material from around the streams in the form of land, sand and gravel taken from the riverbed or taken from the excavation around the river put in the pan. Then sand and soil mingled with gravel washed in equipment pan in streams or puddles. When the material is washed, because the density of metal heavier than on gravel and stones, gold metal will then settles down on the bottom of the pan, whereas sand as well as soil will be out by the water flow. Gold panning way you can see in Gold Panning Tips To Find Gold (Video)

2. Sluicing Box

Way to search for alluvial gold using sluice box is a more efficient way to obtain economic results. Some gold seekers or gold hunter many who use sluice box equipment to get the results of alluvial gold were nicer. Sluicing equipment is a long box-shaped tool, which functions as a catcher gold through gravity concentrator systems. Where the gold metal content will be left in the bottom of the box, and other materials such as sand and soil will be washed out of the box sluice, because the process of gravity and density of the weight of the object. How to use this equipment is very simple, and a sluice box is very easy to carry anywhere.
The use of sluice boxes are 2 ways that can be used.

For the first way. Sluice box can be laid on the river flow, which have little water flow and not in to remove or wash material. When the sluice box position already proper and sloping downwards, material can be poured slowly into the sluice box. And when the material is slowly inserted into the sluice, then the material will be erased or washed by the water flow, which eventually will leave the metal grains of gold at the bottom of the sluice box, due to the density of the metal that is heavier than the soil and gravel.

How to use a second sluice box, by placing the sluicing box below the bedrock of hard rock if conditions permit, without you having to enter the soil or sand material into the slucing box equipment. When the placement sluice box position under hard rock on the sluice box side at the weir using rocks. If you use this method, make sure in advance the location has a hard rock which have the potential of gold, you can see in terms of color and weathering of rocks by the stream

3. Highbanker Sluice Box

Way to search for alluvial gold using highbanker sluice box can be done on dry placer gold deposits and the gold deposits in the river. Highbanker sluice box, has the same function as the sluice box, but the difference is an additional tool in the form of an electric water pump to drain the water flow into the box. How to use Highbanker sluice box for the washing process on the kind of alluvial gold placer also simple. The material before the process washing stage from soil excavation, it is better to do filtering to separate the rock with sand and soil. After going through the screening, the material is poured into the Highbanker box, water flowed from the pump engine to wash the soil material, gravel and sand. As a result of the density of the weight of an object, gold metal grains will sink to the bottom of the box, sandy soil and dirt will be carried away by the flow of water from the pump.

Highbanker box is basically a box with a grizzly screen that assisted with water spray. Spraying water is usually done from a plastic pipe that the pipe section is given some way out for the water. Additional valves to control the water spray is also be given on the pipe. The screen of the type slat can be used as a cross-section, so that allowing water and materials smaller fall in through the sluice box. Highbanker box section also should be positioned slightly slither down, so that the material can go down and washed in a Highbanker sluice box

4. Dredging

Looking for gold by way of dredging is a method to find alluvial gold that much is done on a small scale modern mining. Equipment used in the search for gold by means of dredging using a modified boat and added some equipment such as suction machine sand material, sludge, or gravel that are at the bottom of the river flow. Suction machine tool has a very strong power to suck material from the riverbed. From this engine materials will be in the suction and pumped through a hose which is then entered into a sluice box. Then from the sluice box, materials will be washed or deleted by the flow of water from the suction machine. From this process, the material will be erased and slid back into the river and gold grains will settle at the bottom of the sluice box

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