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How To Find Gold In Colorado

Colorado is a very popular place to hunt for gold, and gold panning is a simple way to find gold in Colorado. Gold prospecting almost found throughout Colorado, and make this area as one of the gold producers and the rich gold deposits in the United States. Gold rush has occurred in colorado since a few years ago, but until now gold is still prevalent in some areas of Colorado. Millions of ounces of gold have been found in various areas in Colorado, and most likely millions of ounces of gold deposits are still buried in the land Colorado.

Find gold in colorado is very encouraging,  see yellow gold grains constitute case that awaited by the local prospector, although the gold in the form of refined gold. Different ways to find gold in Colorado used by hunters gold here, began using a simple way gold panning, using sluicing box equipment ,  Highbanker Sluice Box, and Dredging. The use of metal detectors are also widely used to finding gold deposits, and gold prospector in colorado often find quartz vein with using this tool

How To Find Gold Prospecting In Colorado 

The success rate of finding gold in Colorado specified in a careful study in determining gold prospect area in Colorado. Gold seekers also need to know where is the location and spot that has the potential of gold settled. The reading of gold from placer deposits, alluvial gold deposit required to find gold in Colorado in the scale of economic value. In finding gold deposit relatively takes time and is not a simple thing, if we do not have a metal detector. But it can be done in a simple with the reading of gold prospecting and little knowledge of the gold deposits.

Gold is found in Colorado in various types, of gold in the form of smooth, coarse gold, as well as gold veins that located in the rocks. But most of the gold at the rocks in Colorado has been erode over millions of years, until exposing the quartz veins that are very hard, and stay away because of brittleness. Historically the highest gold concentrations in Colorado has been found in the primary gold deposits and secondary gold deposits. Primary gold deposits a layer of gold ore which is the first time gold settled. And secondary gold deposits is the result from process the primary gold occurrences that formed as a result of natural processes

From incident erosion process by water over many years, gold eventually carried to the bottom stream and many settled in the river flow. Gold is a very heavy metal from the other minerals, so gold in river flows in Colorado tend to be drowned and settled under gravel or sand in the river flow. In area River flow slow, constitute a spot very prospects for the dwelling place of gold, because the water will not be strong enough to move and carry the gold.

How To Find Gold In Colorado

The place to look for gold in Colorado that simplest and popular are the alluvial gold deposits along the river flows and along the trench. For finding gold in rivers and streams, you can find the location of streams adjacent to the mining area in the past. This location is a very precise spot to hunt for gold in Colorado. To find gold on the this spot, one of the simplest ways is to use the pan of gold panning. This method is the simplest and most popular used by geologists and gold prospector in finding gold or surveying the territory.

Panning to find gold is a simple way to separate the particles from the density of objects heavier than the soil or gravel. Panning can be done on the watersheds in Colorado, Test gold panning can be done on a bend or the indentation of a part river inside, because gold is often trapped and settled in this area, and very rarely found in the middle of the river flow which has a very swift current. You could also try taking sediment sand on the back of a large rock which was in the river for testing

Video below is a process of finding gold prospecting areas in watersheds in Colorado

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