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Free Spot To Find Gold In Colorado

Many gold seekers who are looking for information about free spot to find gold in Colorado. From a source that I got from a gold prospector in Colorado, who wrote on his personal blog Gold Strike Colorado Prospecting, He provide a list of free spots to find gold in Colorado. Indeed, to look for gold in Colorado has some rules in the gold hunting, gold prospector needs to know the land has been claimed or the land is located in a private area.

Hobby gold hunt indeed as has become a tradition and also a family tour, in the state of Colorado, because the gold potential here so much and spread across several regions. Colorado has a lot of history of the discovery of gold in the past, and make it as one of the rich gold production and the largest in the United States. To find gold in Colorado a few gold prospector, equip themselves with a variety of equipment to hunt for gold. Start using a simple search tool gold, up to equipment look for gold using machine tools.

To find a free gold in Colorado can be found along some streams, because of the potential alluvial gold here almost there throughout the all regions of the state. Gold in Colorado have various types, of gold veins, refined gold, gold nugget, as well as coarse gold. A simple way to find gold in the streams in Colorado with simple gold panning by pan equipment or use the sluice box.

This is some list of free places to find gold in Colorado.

One of the locations for free to find gold Colorado is at the Jefferson County in HWY 6 at Clear Creek West Golden, location was among the first tunnel and the split to Blackhawk/N. In the region Fork Clear Creek a place that is open for prospecting gold and has a good gold potential, however at this location has a parking lot that is somewhat complex, and has an area which steep and deep.

Clear Creek is a tributary of the South Platte River in North Denver, Clear Creek location can be seen on the map google and search the area Commerce City in Colorado. Gold prospecting in Clear Creek are found along streams, start of the encounter on the South Platte River in North Denver or Commerce City to along the upstream of the town of Golden. And this region has a difficult access to go to the spot.

The location on HWY 76 in along streams that follow Clear Creek of the area of the area of IN-70 and at the Wadsworth to it's confluence with the South Platte area.
NOTE on 22 - 6 - of 2012. To DREDGING equipment, equipment that uses the machine to look for gold, be forbidden in all locations open space in Jefferson County, Adams County, some cities and counties in Denver. Dredging equipment should require licensing in the region

Confluence Park at location E 74 on the road west of HWY 85 (on the south side of the area 74) has a good potential for gold location, This place is one of the locations of gold was first found by early prospectors. Gold deposits in this area are on a sand dune, some quartz gravel with a characteristic excellent color in the along second the river flow in Clear Creek and along stream the South Platte. This place there are parking areas for the prospector to find gold.

At the location 70 and Gilpin gold potential located on the side of the bridge with some sand dune and gravel that have the potential of free gold. Heading west on road 70, into Washington St, there are the first parking area on the right side (west side) This location is required permissions to the landowners, because this land is located on private land. You can inquire in the butcher shop Tymkovich, to obtain permission panning for gold.

In the upstream area, there is a very favorite area located around 68th and Broadway. Some sandbars and streambed has excellent gold deposits, with some small gold grains contained in the spot. But for panning for gold here is pretty good when the water in conditions of little or quite low. In 2012 this region can not be used for public parking and you can not park in Clear Creek Business Park to get to the location of the spot. You charged a ticket or may be towed if parking in this area.

At Goldstrike Park area, encounter the stream Ralston Creek and the flow of Clear Creek. In both these rivers have potential placer gold is excellent at along the downstream flow, but the location here a little tricky to spot when the rainy season.

In Blackhawk on Clear Creek HWY 119 there are several good gold potential, There are some holes that already has a gold potential. You can gain access only through the downstream area of approximately 2 mil from upstream which is split from HWY 6

At Ralston Creek, in Arvada, The potential for decent gold can be found in the Memorial Park and Hoskinson Park, but in the flow of the river there are a lot of trash and broken glass, so to find gold in river at the spot must be careful here. Here you can parking along the road on both park.

In the area South of Denver at a encounter between Dry Creek and the South Platte in the region Littleton, there is a sand dune and pebbles which have gold potential. To access here is rather difficult, maybe you can bring up a map of the instructions before exiting.

At Cherry Creek area, here has the potential of pure gold on the spot south of Parker located near Franktown and Castlewood Canyon (along streams Cottonwood) On along the upstream flow at Castlewood Canyon up to confluence downtown Denver with S Plate, an old gold areas were very challenging, but here have limited access and are privately owned. Maybe you can ask for permission to the local land owners for gold panning here

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