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Find Gold In Wyoming ( Video )

Wyoming is a state area of the United States that secluded and has a population that is very infrequently. But for the gold potential in Wyoming and find gold in Wyoming can be said is still good, although lack of attention the gold prospector to the area of Wyoming. The first gold discovery in Wyoming has existed since about 1842 along the river Sweetwater. Grains of coarse gold grains and refined gold is found from placer gold deposits in Wyoming on along this river flow, and was discovered by immigrants in along the river flow. For the season of gold mining in Wyoming is not too long, and in time which the short due to the weather climate in Wyoming inclement, although about 1860 some rich gold discoveries increasing statewide

A lot of gold left in the area of Wyoming since the gold rush and the discovery of gold in the past. To hunt for gold and find gold in Wyoming takes a lot of supplies, considering in a portion of Wyoming region having a slightly difficult access. Need some time to find gold in Wyoming, by tracing some the creek and stream. The potential to find gold in Wyoming is very broad, because there a large amount of land that is not owned by the owners of private land (public land) so as to make exploration and the gold hunting in Wyoming remains open. But there is a small part of the region that have claims of local clubs or from GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America). Some clubs also many the offers to join in recreational panning for gold in Wyoming, that most of the activities are a hobby for the whole family to be able to hunt for gold in Wyoming. 

Some regions which has a history of gold discovery and gold potential in Wyoming

The South Pass- Atlantic City District has a history of the discovery of placer gold layer that is highly significant in the past, this region is located at the southern end of the Wind River Range. Although the record production of the area is very poor at the beginning of the gold rush in the past, but hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold derived from this region. Gold nugget weighing 34 ounces which be in gold museum history in Los Angeles is also found in this region, and most likely the gold potential in Atlantic City has a amount of larger gold deposits from gold deposit placer. From the results of the discovery of gold in the past in this region, then the search for gold or to find gold can be done at around the area where gold has ever been found.

In Granite Mountain Range which is a region of the central part of Wyoming has the potential gold deposits, because in the area of the Tin Cup, region at Rattlesnake Hills, and in the Seminoe region has gold mines. Little survey of some gold seekers  or gold hunter ( gold prospector ) in this region demonstrate the potential discovery of gold grains

In the Absaroka mountain region in the northwestern part of the state of Wyoming there are placer gold deposits were found in several areas such as, New World,  Kirwin area, the area around Sunlight, and around in Stinking Water districts. The gold prospector, and recreational gold panning can search for gold here. Way gold panning, sluicing or by means of dredging mostly done by local gold seekers. 

The Laramie Mountain Range has some regions that produce gold deposits. The potential for the discovery of gold there in the Silver Crown region, the area around Garrett, in area around Warbonnet, and in around the area Esterbrook. You can do a search on some streams that are in the surrounding area.

Gold potential in Wyoming is also contained in the Medicine Bow region and around the area of the Sierra Madre Mountains, because at around the end of 1800, many discoveries of gold and old gold mines in the region. Some mines are scattered around the area of Medicine Bow or the Sierra Madre Mountains many abandoned not because gold deposits here little or low. But when the mining at the time, the price of gold in Wyoming as well as the price of gold in several countries to experience a lot of decline and not in accordance with the result of expenditure the miners and gold seekers

There are many other areas in Wyoming that have the potential of gold and not yet done a survey or research, considering some areas in Wyoming have be discovered several gold deposits. Need a new survey held in several places to find gold in Wyoming.

Below is the video gold panning and dredge at Douglas Creek in Wyoming. Find Gold In Wyoming ( Video )

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