Find Gold In Nevada ( Video )

Where can we look for gold in Nevada. To search and To find gold in Nevada can be found in almost all parts of the region. Nevada region which is part of the United States has the largest gold resources in the world, and has a significant history in the gold mining industry. History of gold discoveries in Nevada was recorded around the 1870s, and gold prospecting found around Carlin, Eureka County. The gold seekers to do mining operations with small scale with using equipment as simple as how to panning, sluice box, and drywashers to look for gold in Nevada.

Nevada region is an area which consisting mostly of semi-arid desert by having a wide range of mineral rock, and gold in Nevada can be found in every region,  although most of the gold that is found in the form of refined gold. However, the gold nuggets are large and the coarse gold in Nevada many also found, such as at the Carlin gold deposits in Nevada.

How to find gold in Nevada

                                                                 Gold prospecting in the desert

To find gold in Nevada at dry desert areas the gold prospector many are using metal detection or by means of dry washers in search of gold, because the water is very hard to found in this region to be able to extract gold from the ground. Drywashers is the equipment in search of gold such as highbankers but this tool does not use water, and is suitable for use in search of gold in a barren desert areas and arid areas. If it does not have a metal detection equipment, to discover the potential of gold in Nevada can also be seen through - typical characteristics of soil and rock quartz. Land which has shades of red rust with a little extra blackish color gradations have good gold potential. Because most gold grains settle here.

Gold prospecting in the river

Some rivers in Nevada has a lot of potential for placer gold deposits, in the form of coarse gold grains and refined gold. How to search for and find gold in the streams, Gold seekers using gold panning techniques, sluice box, highbankers, or by dredging. To get and find gold in the streams Nevada potential presence of gold is usually located on the inside of the bend of the river flow, or on the back of a large rock in the river, because usually gold often settling in here. On the banks of the river could also be explored and be extracted to do the gold panning, because of the potential alluvial gold also many settled at the bottom of the soil layer.

Where to find gold in Nevada

 Map of the Nevada region

Some of the potential gold deposit in Nevada spread in almost all regions. In the northern part of the region in Nevada, the potential of the most famous gold deposit located in Humboldt County, because the discovery of gold nuggets are a great many in here. Gold hunters in Nevada for many years many do a search of gold in the region. Some gold prospector using a metal detector to search for gold in the old mining area, because when the gold mining in the past,  many gold nuggets are lost. Other regions that have large gold producers and gold deposits found in Gold Run, the around area Paradise Valley, and around Warm Springs Districts

Potential gold deposit in the eastern part of Nevada be found around the area of Elko County, which is a gold and silver mining area. Most of the richest gold deposit located in the region of North County, around the border region of Idaho and surrounding areas which in near Wildhorse Reservoir because here the gold mining has been around since about the 1870s. On the district Aura, placer gold deposits in the form of coarse gold and fine gold can be found in the river Sheridan and the flow of the Columbia River.
At Charleston District, which located in Jarbidge Range gold miners can explore the area Badger Creek, around gold mines in 76 Creek, along the river in Bruneau. Ravine located in Hammond and Coleman also has good potential for gold deposits. At about Van Duzer District many say the discovery of a large gold nugget, and has the potential to find gold in this region.

In Pershing County is an area that is best known for placer gold deposits that are many widely available and are often found near the surface, gold seekers are finding a large number of gold here. Some placer gold such as Rye patch, placers which has a rich history of gold production since about 1938 has great potential to find gold. Placer gold deposits Seven Troughs, Sawtooth placer deposits, Placerites, and Rabbit Hole gold deposits is also a very productive placer areas and a place very favorite for the gold prospector or gold hunters. Many prospector using a metal detection to find gold here, because gold is located only a few feet in the surface of the bedrock. Placer gold area in Dun Glenn Creek which flows along the western side of the East Range Mountains and flow in Willow river also has a rich history of gold discovery, which derived from the lode gold mining area. Some other areas that have potential gold can also be found in the Sierra, the area around Humboldt and the area around Unionville

Gold prospecting in White Pine County are at the Bald Mountain district, several large discovery of gold nuggets have been found in this region. The potential to find other placer gold there are in around from Ely, Nevada, some mines are found in this region to produce gold placer and gold lode. Other large mining can also be found in the District of Osceola, and including hydraulic mining is done at Dry Gulch.

Gold prospecting in the Nye County which is one of the states that have the richest gold deposits and the largest in Nevada, and gold almost entirely scattered in several districts. Round Mountain Gold Mine is one of America's largest gold mine which mines in this region. And in this region has the difficult conditions of water, on gold mining in the past to do a search of gold by means drywashers. Some regions have an important gold deposits to find gold in Manhattan, Bullfrog region, the area around Johnnie, Jacksen regions, Tonopah, Tibo, and the area around Union. Several other in Nye County, also has a very rich gold potential, by generating thousands of ounces of gold and silver.

Gold prospecting in Mineral County have the gold with of the lode gold deposit  and has a history gold mine rich with silver as a byproduct. Some regions such as Aurora,  the area of Candelaria, area around Garfield, Gold Range region, and around the Hawthorne district has a history of mining and the discovery of old gold, almost all of the regions here produces gold

Gold prospecting in Lander County is an area that many produce very significant gold from placer gold deposits that are located in the Battle Mountain District. This area is a favorite place for the gold seekers who use metal detectors. Several large nuggets and the number of ounces of gold found at around the surface that is not so deep. Some areas that have the potential gold and can be carried out prospecting be found in the Bullion regions, around the area Mud Springs, the area around New Pass, and around the river in Reese district.

In the region part southern corner of Nevada, both in the area around Clark and around Lincoln Countries an area that is rarely done in mining exploration activities unlike in the central region as well as the northern regions in Nevada. But gold is also found in both of these areas with of silver as a byproduct. In Clark County are in the Eldorado region and Searchlight district. Gold lode highly productive be found in Delamar mines located on Lincoln. Some small placer also found in the Eagle Valley District.

The area surrounding in Eureka County which is where mining Carlin which is one part of the richest gold mines in the United States. Some regions such as Buckhorn, the area around Eureka, Lynn District  and and Maggie Creek region also has a gold prospective . Several creeks near placer mining also has a gold prospective.

Esmeralda County has a very abundant gold prospecting with the Goldfield District which is a regional producer of millions of ounces of gold from the lode gold deposit. Other regions such as the Klondyke, around the area of Silver Peak, Sylvania region, Tokop region, and about Thule Canyon region has deposits of gold derived from the lodes.

Nevada does have the potential of gold and silver in abundance and spread across several regions. Some small districts such as around Reno and regions in Carson City has an opportunity to find gold. In the region Storey County, Several areas around the Comstock Lode which is an area famous gold and silver production with an incredible amount. In the Lyon region also has a gold prospecting, and production until now, because this area has a history of gold mining in Nevada. Douglas County also has deposits of gold, although in relatively small amounts, but gold can still be found in this region. The Olinghouse region also produces thousands of ounces of gold. In addition to the above-mentioned regions, some other areas in Nevada are still many who have gold prospecting, but have need of a new survey to find gold in Nevada

This is one of the gold prospecting In Nevada and find gold in nevada ( Video ) 

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