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Find Gold In California With Sluice box ( Video )

The history of the gold rush in California have occurred since 1849, where people flock to seek and find gold in California. Searching for gold by way of panning is a simple way find gold which began since gold rush in California. A simple way with using a pan to separate the gold with sand, soil and other minerals. Panning is also used by the prospector in California to detect or survey of the gold potential of the rivers and stream in California. Up until now, way panning also still widely used to find gold in California, primarily for recreational gold panning. This recreation is a very popular family pastime in various states of the United States

The miners or prospectors in California also many who use equipment sluice box to find gold with the scale of economic value. To find gold in California with a value of economies of scale, the main regard most important done by gold prospector is to find deposits of gold, and gold prospector usually begin by looking for placer gold. To search for placer gold in California can be traced from the surrounding area of cliffs or hill located in around several rivers in California as well as in several mound land. Then after finding a spot or locations it deems appropriate, survey can be done using simple means gold panning. Some of sand, soil and gravel at around the main spot can be washed with a pan of gold

To find gold deposits in California can also use a metal detector tool. The use of metal detectors can be used in areas with little water. But if you do not have metal detectors, you can see from the physical characteristics of the land. Some great potential gold deposit have some physical characteristics of different soil.

To find a good potential for gold deposits, look for land that has a different color from the ground beside him. Usually at locations there are some quartz and the land has a reddish color such as iron corrosion. On the ground like this has the potential of minerals rich in metals. The potential of higher gold on the ground like this there are at about the soil or quartz rocks are more brownish more leads blackish with a slight whitish gradation. Gold nuggets and gold grains or gold dust often settle on this spot. To see clearly the potential for placer gold deposits, can be done with the excavation process and ways excavation by making a trench and the pits could be done. To test the gold mineral by way of panning of sand, soil and quartz on the location of excavation can be done. Test methods of finding gold and gold potential by panning This is the simplest way to find a grain of gold and has a low cost.

Stage seek gold in California with sluice box on placer gold deposits have a value that is more efficient in economies of scale. Water is the most important thing to separate the gold with rock and the land from gold placer deposits. Before the dry placer gold leaching process, rock and soil from the excavation in the filter, to separate the large rocks with sand or soil. Gravel, soil and sand is then washed into the slucing box, where the water flow is channeled through a water pump. Through a gravitational force, the gold will be left at the bottom of the box and the dirt will come out following the flow of water from the pump.

Looking for gold with sluice box in California is also very cheap, lightweight, easy to carry anywhere and can be used on streams flowing as well as for washing or the recovery of gold in a dry area at placer gold prospecting. The use of sluice box to find gold is also widely used in some parts of the region from the United States, like finding gold in Colorado, which is one of the richest states in gold, to find gold in Alabama, gold in Arizona, gold in Virginia, gold in Connecticut, as well as many gold potential in the state of United States which has a history of gold discovery in the past.

Video below is a way of searching for gold by means of sluice box in California.

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