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Where To Find Gold In Alabama ( Videos )

Where to find gold in Alabama, Gold in Alabama can be found in some streams which has a history of mining in the past. Gold was first discovered in Alabama through placer deposits and alluvial gold deposits, and the first gold mining is done along the creeks in Blue and Chestnut river around 1830 in the region Chilton. The state of Alabama is a region rich in gold, Partially of the gold in Alabama in the form of small gold grains and very smooth but there is also a sizeable gold nuggets.

Alabama has produced many pure gold and a gold nugget which is quite large, gold was also found in the form of fine ore,  although in low-grade scale and require processing by cyanide leaching, as well as the process of amalgamation using mercury. But gold can also be found in alabama with a very simple way through panning. To find gold in alabama with way of panning can done along in the river or stream which has a gold prospecting

To find gold in alabama we need a survey and reading the location of the gold prospecting. Survey can we start from along the river or stream in Alabama which has a history of gold discovery. But before doing prospecting in alabama, we must first make sure the area is free of one's personal territory as well as the jurisdiction of the state.

This is a video depiction of the location survey of gold in alabama 

The source of gold deposits the most important at alabama found in the area of Cleburne, Tallapoosa region, Clay and Randolph Counties. And gold was discovered on the second layer and placer deposits, with the majority originate from the region in the central eastern part of the country beside border region of Georgia. In the area of Talladega County, Riddle Mine and Woodward is a gold mine which is located in the southeast, and from the region on the east side Talladega Creek are the Story Mine south. In the area of Talladega National Forest also has the potential of gold which are contained on the tributary streams. For the region Talladega County most of the richest gold potential located on private land area, but on the ground in the area of the National Forest still given the opportunity for the general public.

In the area of Tallapoosa Country is one of the largest gold producers in Alabama with abundant gold content, one of which is located in the district of Hog Mountain. Gold veins varies from 8 up to 12 feet wide and can be traced up to more than 100 feet, and many gold ores in the form of oxidation products, little primary minerals are present.  There is also a potential gold as in watersheds of Owl Hollow Valley, Channahatchee Creek, Long Branch Creek, Copper Creek, small stream in Kowaliga and in the area around the upstream Peru Creek, there a great many gold Miners from deposits of placer gold in the sand and gravel in watersheds or stream

At Coosa region has a lot of placer gold prospecting, where this area has a history of mining which is very significant in the early gold rush. Placer gold occurs in the watershed Hatchett, along the river in Weogufka, and placer gold deposits Rockford

In Clay County, placer gold potential there on river flow Wesobulga, Crooked Creek, Tallapoosa River watershed, and many other rivers flow across the Clay county.
At Chilton county sourced gold from several streams tributaries flowing and towards on the Coosa river flow in the town of Clanton and the small town Verbena.

In the flow of the river in Mulberry and Rocky River, as well as several other smaller tributaries and drainage there is also a placer gold.

Some placer gold deposits the most valuable in Alabama also found in Cleburne County,  In the waters in the mining districts Chulafinnee a lot once produced gold. Vein gold ore and gold-rich rocks scattered in almost all areas,with predominantly mineral content of gold. River and Stream that has other gold potential can be found in around Arbacoochee and Hillabee Creek in Cleburne County.

And there are very many placer gold deposits on watersheds in the region of alabama which have gold potential

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