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How To Find Gold In Alabama ( Videos )

Gold-seeking activities in Alabama is indeed a very enjoyable hobby, because from this gold hunting activity we can feel sensation is extraordinary, when we have found a few grains of gold. But how to find gold in Alabama, Before undertake activity gold hunting or gold prospecting in alabama, we need to get information in which location or region which has the potential gold deposits in Alabama, as well as the location of the land that is free from private land owners or jurisdiction of the state. To search for gold in Alabama could be to follow and the participate in recreational activities gold panning that much on offer in the region of Alabama.

Manner to find gold in alabama is not so difficult, because in this region has a lot of history of gold discovery. Gold potential in Alabama scattered in several areas along the river, whether it be in the flow of large rivers and small streams. And gold in alabama contains grains of fine gold as well as gold nuggets that come from placer gold deposits.

There are several ways in the hobby gold hunting in Alabama, search for gold in a simple way using the pan panning equipment, Sluicing using sluice boxes, High-banking, as well as dredging system. Video below is a activities for find gold in the river alabama using a panning system and Simple Tips Finding Gold In Rivers and Streams

Looking for gold with panning is a simple method, and equipment used in this way in the form of pan equipment. The workings of panning, we enter the soil, sand and gravel from the gold prospecting spot into the pan panning, then slowly  we shake pan and swivel in the water flow. Because of the force of gravity and density of objects, then gold metal will be and drowned at the bottom of the pan.

Sluicing box
Way find for gold in Alabama using sluicing box. This tool serves as a concentrator box-shaped long-bok. How to use this tool by placing soil material, sand and gravel into the sluice box. Then the material is removed by the flow of water from the river which then leaves precious metals in the sluice box

Highbanker Sluice Box
Highbanker sluice box,  This is an equipment to find gold with form and function almost equal to the sluice box, however there is some form of additional pumps to drain off the water in a sluice box, Sometimes the box hooper with a spray bar and filter classifier (or a grizzly screen) used. The water pump can be either electric or gas powered.

Dredging for gold is the equipment in search of gold that resembles a boat that be modified for dredge material at the bottom of the riverbed and has the ability to suck it clean like a vacuum cleaner in the riverbed. The gold seekers equipment systems,  suck material in the form of sand,  mud and gravel rocks from the bottom of the riverbed by means of a vacuum, then the material will be inserted into the sluice box, and at this sluice box the material will be removed by the flow of water from the pump. which then leaves materials heavier metals at the bottom of the water box.

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