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Find Gold In Connecticut ( Video )

Connecticut has a rich history of gold discovery in the United States as in many other New England states. Connecticut has the type of placer gold deposit which many found in the river flow. How to find gold in Connecticut, To find gold in Connecticut is actually not so difficult, because almost all the rivers in the state of Connecticut has a gold content gold in the form of fine or gravel, but before we do a search of gold in the region of Connecticut, we need to know the region has been claimed by prospector or not yet, or the area included in the jurisdiction ( law ) or not. To obtain a permit can also be through the local land owners.

Gold in the Connecticut River occurred from natural processes over millions of years from placer gold occurrences  which formed by the process of precipitation and gravity separation during the process of sediment,  because gold is heavier than other materials, so gold will migrate under a layer of gravel or soil and the bedrock at the edge of the river. Gold is often found in Connecticut on the inside bend of the river flow which is the location which is very typical from gold in connecticut river. For areas in the middle stream of the river is very rare to find gold. how to finding gold in rivers and streams. Simple Tips Finding Gold In Rivers and Streams

A simple way to find gold in Connecticut can be done by panning and on small watersheds and on the edge of a large river flow. Panning for gold in connecticut can use the gold panning equipment,  As video way gold panning in the river this connecticut

Connecticut is the territory of the southern United States, bordering with Long Island Sound in the south, New York to the west, in the north bordering with Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the east. Connecticut has a lot of gold discoveries, but rarely found gold in high enough concentrations.

Where to find gold in Connecticut and How find gold prospecting , to find gold can be done in the region that has gold prospect, Leadmine Brook area is a gold producer that is known in Connecticut, through creeks Naugatuck in the northern city of Thomaston and in the dam area of Thomaston. At the tip of leadmine Brook in the area Harwinton and along streams Birge Park Road, streams Hill Road, can be found fine gold grains and gravel

At the Farmington River which is a pretty big river near Harford, Connecticut is also known to contain gold deposits which are very delicate coming from placer gold deposits.

River Spruce Brook in Litchfield County which is a small river from Naugatuck also ever be found gold. Like most gold in Connecticut and other states, Spruce Brook gold deposits at commercial scale is still not reliable,but for leisure seekers and recreation gold can find gold here.

A gold discovery that has the potential for high grade gold found on an old gold mine cobalt located in Great Hill. the area north of the town of Cobalt near to the Connecticut River, and mine is located on private property.  This allows gold content or placer gold deposits can be found in the surrounding region.

Gold prospectors in Connecticut also do a lot of surveys in the nearby area such as Vermont and Maine to find potential gold, but prior to the survey activities and panning also made licensing to the owners of private land and follow the rules of mining in the region

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