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Find Gold In Arizona ( video )

The state of Arizona is a very favorite place for the gold prospector.  To find gold in Arizona it is not too difficult, because there is lots of gold bearing ground in  Arizona, but to look for gold in Arizona, each prospector recommended to do the appropriate research and make sure that you are not prospecting on someone’s gold claim. While this info may get you started, further details on the gold claims and land status of the goldfields in Arizona can be obtained through the regional office of the BLM, located in Phoenix, or by means of the internet in the BLM's LR2000 website.

Many Arizona gold prospectors are interested in nugget shooting for gold with a metal detector for find gold in Arizona, because the environment in the region Arizona is very arid and barren and water is a very difficult thing to be found in this area, meaning the use of metal detection and drywashing are by far the most widely used by seekers of gold in  Arizona.

This is video Finding a gold nugget in Arizona by Brake For Bedrock with metal detector Minelab SD 2200

There are a few things to look for to find gold in Arizona. Look for places that have a different texture soil color from other lands. Usually the soil texture such as having a red colored iron metal content mineral-rich, and usually often mixed with quartz. On the ground like this usually there is a brownish color that leads  almost a blackish red  and gold nuggets usually found around this land.  Metal detectors you use must have good signal for finding ferrous location  and non-ferrous objects when it is close to the soil 

If it has found such this locations, then slowly shovel surface land. You can see the texture of the soil and can also check using a metal detector. If the metal detector issue a signal, soon look for with meticulous where the location of the gold nugget in the land

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